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Laser Hair Removal

New for 2013, Radiance is proud to offer the latest in laser technology for hair removal – the Candela GentleMax Pro. It’s high-speed laser hair removal for all skin tones. Old technology limited the type of skin to be treated. Now, with the GentleMax Pro, we can treat the face, arms, chest, back, legs, and bikini area on a variety of skin types and skin hues on both women and men, and we can treat large areas because of the laser’s high speed. This new dual, wavelength laser makes treatment faster and more effective.

Previously, laser hair removal was limited to pale skin – even suntanned skin would produce poor results. Now, with the GentleMax system we are able to treat a range of skin tones from pale to dark.

The number of treatments varies. Though, the laser generates permanent hair reduction in just 4-6 treatments. This is truly the “gold standard” of laser hair removal.  And, the GentleMax features dynamic cooling to maximize a patient’s comfort, though there may some reddening of skin after treatment.

While the laser can be used on any color skin, it is effective on dark hair only. Blond, gray, red hair, and peach fuzz will be unaffected by laser treatments.

The best way to begin your hair reduction, or laser hair removal treatments, is to schedule a complimentary consultation and receive information to determine candidacy and cost.

Before Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Do not wax or tweeze your hair prior to treatment because this will remove the target pigmentation in the hair follicle. You can shave up until the day of the laser treatment. Do not use retinoid creams (tretinoin, tazarotene, or adapalene) in the treatment area for at least several days before treatment.

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