Botox/Dysport in San Antonio

Radiance thanks South Texas for making Radiance San Antonio a Diamond/Top 500 Allergan provider for Botox, as well as a Presidential Level Dysport provider!


Botox has long been the most recognized neurotoxin at Radiance The choice of those that love their Brilliant Distinction Rebates and specials as well as accumulating points for their Juvederm and Skin Medica purchases.


Dysport, because we love to give you choices, is fast becoming the choice of many Radiance patients! Made just a little different than Botox it does has the advantage of faster onset, usually 2-4 days. For many its duration can be longer than Botox.

Botox Treatments in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country

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Botox® or Dysport® injections can enhance your beauty and give you a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance and is Radiance’s most requested service. Radiance and Dr. Bennack are Diamond Level Providers of Botox and Juvederm meaning that they perform more of these procedures each year than most other providers in the United States. Botox is the most popular and fastest growing non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the United States today. More than 11 million people have experienced a Botox treatment with 6% of those being men.

Botox injections improve and soften the appearance of frown lines, laugh lines and crow’s feet with no downtime. Botox reduces the contraction of the muscles around the injection site; and, works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the injected muscles. A very small quantity, injected in key muscles, can reduce dynamic wrinkles on the face and neck. You will still be able to frown, smile and look surprised but without the creases and wrinkles. Botox will not dramatically change your facial appearance, or make you look as if you have had “work done.”

How much does a Botox treatment cost?

Unlike some physicians who have a required minimum, Radiance charges you only for the amount of Botox you use. If you have less wrinkles why pay the same? Similarly, beware of ads touting “Discount Botox” or “Cheap Botox”.

What can I expect during my Botox treatment?

At Radiance, you will always receive FDA approved Botox Cosmetic® Brand from Allergan or Dysport® from Medicis (ask to see the vial’s label). You will be given the proper dose of Botox to adequately treat your dynamic wrinkles (related to expressions), and the Botox will always be reconstituted to the exact specifications recommended by the manufacturer so that you can be sure of optimal long-lasting results.

A Botox treatment is a simple, 15-minute, non-surgical process. Within 5-14 days there can be noticeable results. These results can last for up to 3-4 months, but may vary based on many factors. The effects will diminish as the Botox loses its potency and reapplication is required to maintain the desired effect. If you discontinue treatment, the lines treated gradually will look like they did before treatment.

Discomfort during treatments is usually minimal and brief. Prior to injecting, you may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream. Other than a small chance of bruising, swelling, and mild bleeding, there is no downtime. Many people return directly to work, or normal activity following a Botox cosmetic treatment.

Excessive sweating/Hyperhydrosis

Can Botox help with sweating?
Did you know that Botox can be used to decrease sweating? Hyperhydrosis is a condition that an estimated 2-3% of Americans suffer from. They suffer from excessive sweating under the arms, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet.

Injecting Botox is an FDA-approved treatment for this condition under the arms. Off-label treatment is being done in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

An average of 50 units of Botox is injected into each underarm in various spots. After a few weeks, the sweating decreases and usually stays decreased for around 6 months!

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Where can Botox be used, and how many units are needed?

The most common area is between the eyebrows or the “11’s” that appear after frowning. Approximately 15-30 units.

The forehead lines can also be treated and the Botox can be placed in a way that you
may receive a nice arch or “lifting “of the eyebrows. Units needed vary greatly from 6-20.*

The tiny lines that appear when you squint or “crows feet”. Usually 6-12 units a side.*

The horizontal lines across the bridge of your nose or “bunny lines.” Usually 6-10 units.*

“Smokers lines” around the lips, not always caused by smoking but kissing! These lines can allow lipstick to bleed beyond the lip. Usually 4-10 per lip.*

A gummy smile, when the gums above the upper teeth show in excess a little Botox can bring the lip down over the gums. Usually about 4 -6 units.*

Lower eye lid “bubble” that can create a wrinkle or crease under the eye. Usually around 2 units per side.*

A downturned smile – that makes you look like you are frowning excessively. Usually 3-6 units a side.*

Does your chin look like a citrus fruit “orange peel”? This muscle can be relaxed with Botox usually 2-8 units.*

We saved the best for last: Turkey neck?

Sagging under the chin? Rings around the neck? Come in for a Botox “neck lift.” Obviously, Botox cannot lift your neck. However, when injected into the platysmal bands it can counteract this wrinkling and depressing creating a smoother neck profile. Platysmal bands are defined as “subcutaneous neck muscles extending from the neck to the clavicle, acting to wrinkle the skin of the neck and to depress the jaw.”

* These areas are not FDA approved and are considered off-label.