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Double Chin Treatments San Antonio

KYBELLA™ is a revolutionary FDA approved, injection that permanently dissolves fat in the sub-mental area.

A sleek, lovely profile is every woman’s — and a lot of men’s — goal. Whether it’s an inherited family “double chin” you see in your future or in the mirror now, or if you have a few extra pounds that seem to always gather under your chin and spoil every selfie you take, we can help!

This nuisance is also called sub-mental fat and, before Kybella, was very hard to deal with non-invasively. Now Radiance MedSpa of San Antonio has Kybella for double-chin problems. Kybella requires no surgery; it’s minimally invasive and takes less than 5 minutes per treatment. Finally, a permanent solution is now available. Look down into your camera or mirror — if you can pinch the fat, this treatment is for you!

Kybella, which offers permanent fat reduction, is the latest breakthrough for fat removal in 10 years. Allergan has taken 10 years perfecting the Kybella solution to eliminate any adverse side-effects and to bring you the most-effective, safest solution ever made to dissolve fat. It is a simple, 5- minute procedure without surgery.

Before and After One Treatment

Kybella is a product from KYTHERA. Please see for much more information, and before and after photos.