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Photofacials or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL Therapy)

Facial Rejuvenation with elos Plus by Syneron

IPL Facial Rejuvenation is the safest, and most effective way to treat rosacea, pigmented lesions, sun damage, broken blood vessels, and age spots. A series of gentle-pulsed light treatments result in more youthful looking skin. This freckle and sunspot treatment in San Antonio is a popular non-invasive corrective option.

The treatment is designed to improve the visible appearance of the skin with only minor downtime.

IPL Photofacials also induce collagen production. Photofacials are best supported by a sound home care regimen that includes growth factors and SPF 30+ sunscreen.

During IPL Facial Rejuvenation, intense light waves are pulsed onto the affected areas of the skin. The light passes through normal tissue and concentrates on tissue that has a red or brown discoloration, heating and breaking up the pigment to bring it to the surface of the skin.

Over the course of a week or two, the darker pigment is sloughed off during daily washing and showering activity, leaving the skin refreshed and smoother with less discoloration and more even tone.

Multiple treatments (4 to 6) are recommended at intervals a month apart for the best results. Each treatment takes approximately 1 hour depending on the size of the treatment area. IPL Photofacial treatments can be done on any part of the body that has freckles: face, neck, chest, arms, shoulders, back and legs.

For Rosacea Treatment

IPL treatments can also be used in the treatment of rosacea. Rosacea is a common, chronic condition of the face characterized by redness, dilated blood vessels and frequently-developing pustules and swelling. Blushing is its most devastating characteristic. Because Rosacea is a chronic condition that can only be treated and not cured, ongoing maintenance IPL treatments are necessary to keep the redness and capillary dilation at bay.

IPL Facial Rejuvenation is best suited for people with light to medium skin tones. In addition, the perfect candidate cannot be tanned in any way from the sun or a spray-on tan.

Patients with melasma are not eligible to undergo IPL photofacial treatment, since it can trigger darkening in the treated area. Those who have been taking a powerful antibiotic or Accutane should wait six months before receiving treatment.

How Does an IPL Photofacial Work?

IPL photofacials employ light energy to treat skin conditions. The wavelength of light used selectively targets pigment-producing cells beneath the skin’s surface to destroy the pigmented area. As a result, the condition being treated is remedied.

Your IPL Photofacial Session

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed prior to the IPL photofacial treatment. After the skin is washed, a cool gel will be used to improve the effectiveness of the light waves that will be delivered to the treated region.

The handheld IPL device will then be moved across your skin using a fixed pattern. As the device glides across your skin, it will send multiple pulses of light energy to break up the pigmented spots. Depending on your aesthetic goals, the region may need to be treated several times during the session. The procedure is brief, lasting only 30 to 60 minutes on average.

After Your IPL Photofacial Session

The treated region will be cleansed after the IPL photofacial treatment in order to remove the gel that was applied. There will be minor redness and swelling. A sunburn-like sensation is typical after the treatment, and it can be eased by applying ice packs.

You can resume your normal skincare routine immediately. For at least a week, it is important to stay out of the sun and to use sunscreen on a regular basis.

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