MicroNeedling San Antonio

Eclipse Micropen Elite

Radiance is now offering micro needling/facial needling with the Eclipse Micropen Elite to help patients who would like to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and acne scars while minimizing pores.

The Micropen is a fractional micro-needling device with a unique spring-loaded disposable needle tip that uses an automated, vibrating stamp-like motion that enhances results while offering a more controlled and safer method of treatment than other micro-needling devices, all while causing less epidermal damage.

The automated needling motion minimizes pain and discomfort, while increasing the effectiveness of treatments by promoting an even absorption of topicals into the skin. It creates very small wound patterns to break old collagen chains and trigger the healing process to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

One of the most exciting advantages of this treatment is that it can be used on dark and light skin types. There is minimal downtime, minimal discomfort, and an almost immediate outcome.

The Eclipse Micropen Elite is used for:

  • Acne & Chicken Pox Scars
  • Skin Tightening, Lifting & Rejuvenation by stimulating the production of collagen
  • Improves Wrinkles, Fine Lines
  • Reduces Crows Feet & Lip Lines
  • Reduces Forehead Lines & Frown Lines
  • Improves Stretch Marks
  • Helps with Rosacea
  • Promotes Wound Healing

Some patients need only one treatment to see visible results. Though, most will need several treatments spaced 8-12 weeks apart, dependent on the condiition to be treated and the desired outcome.

Recovery time is minimal. Following the treatment, the area treated will be red, swollen and irritated. The redness can last three to five days. After 24 hours you can wear makeup to cover the area.

That’s not all! Even greater benefits can be received if pre-treatment is included. Dr. Laura Bennack suggests a chemical peel.

Eclipse Micropen Treatment & PRP

One of our most sought after treatments – the microneedling followed by a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facelift for greater smoothing, tightening and lifting benefits. Dr. Bennack is recommending for most who want to reap greater benefits from their micropen session. Immediately after the treatment, we will apply your own blood (PRP – platelet rich plasma) over your entire face. The PRP is absorbed into the microscopic wounds and enhances the healing and collagen-building process.

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